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Our Relationship Statement

We would like to thank you for referring your patients to Sutton Orthodontics for their treatment. Over many years, we have worked closely with keeping our referring dentists up to date with our patient’s treatment plans and progress. We trust you have been happy with our service. We are always on hand to discuss your concerns and aim to deal with any queries as soon as possible.

We have made some changes to our referral pathway. Our Principal Orthodontist, Dr Devayani Arya, triages all the referrals sent to the Practice. Once the referral has been accepted, the patient is sent a link to complete a virtual assessment. This process takes roughly 4-6 weeks. If the patient is eligible for orthodontic treatment on the NHS, they will be placed on to our waiting list.

In order for us to triage the patients more efficiently during this pandemic, we would be grateful if you could ensure that you provide us with as much information as possible regarding the patient.

This should cover the following information:

  • Current oral health status (OH must be good for the patient to be seen).
  • IOTN Score.
  • Patient’s motivation for orthodontic treatment.
  • Stage of dental development.

We also do welcome referrals of low IOTN patients however the patient/guardian/carer must have been spoken to regarding funding the treatment privately. We offer our own in house 12 months interest free finance option or should the patient wish to spread the treatment cost over more than 12 months, we are also able to accommodate this using our finance provider Medenta.

Thank you again for your referral and should you have any queries, please use our online referral form or contact the practice directly on 020 8642 2072 or

Sutton Orthodontics logo

103 Brighton Road, Sutton, London, SM2 5SJ