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Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed metal braces are a popular choice for straightening teeth. Metal brackets consists of small metal brackets which are cemented to the teeth and held together with a metal wire.

Traditional fixed-metal braces are used for both adults and teenagers and this treatment option is traditionally used in NHS orthodontics care, where patients are eligible, but is also a popular private treatment option for both adults and teenagers.

Benefits of traditional fixed braces

Durable -As they are made from metal, fixed braces are strong and durable.

Fixed- there is no need to worry about swapping over aligners or even remembering when you had the braces fitted.

Suitable to all- It does not matter how difficult your case is, metal braces are a powerful method in moving teeth into a desired position to achieve the best results. The knowledge and experience of the Specialist Orthodontist contributes to consistently faster treatment times and the best results.

What issues can fixed braces correct?

Fixed braces can tackle or even resolve a range of orthodontic problems as highlighted below:

  • Crowding of teeth
  • Overbites and Underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Speech impediments
  • Thumb-sucking habits
  • Protruding teeth
  • Jaw problems
  • Irregular eruption of teeth

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103 Brighton Road, Sutton, London, SM2 5SJ